My Motivation

So, I am a huge fan of multiple sports. I typically will find time to watch games and look up stats, scores, and player profiles. This information does me no good as far as my everyday life goes, but I enjoy it. But the other day I was watching a baseball game, and the team I root for was down 5 runs. This, typically in a baseball game, is a deficit that is not easily overcome. Could they overcome, and win, after being down 5 runs for the third time this season? Me, watching in disbelief was sure my team would lose. I’m a bit of a pessimistic fan. Much to my surprise, they came back and won the game.

I can relate to this situation, separate from sports. I can’t count how many times I have been down. And I wouldn’t know where to begin to tell you how many of those times I have counted myself out. It seems so easy to admit defeat, and just bow out. But when I find motivation to fight through the struggle, and I overcome, there is no greater feeling of pride. But what motivates me?

I find motivation in a lot of things. The situation really determines what my motivation will be. But my biggest motivation, that is present through most of my struggles, is not letting the people around me down. Much like in sports, I consider people around me part of my team. Whether at work, be it my coworkers and employees, or at home with family and friends. These people are a part of my team. And if I fail, I feel I have let them down. I’m sure this is a lot to carry on one’s shoulders, and I am probably not as important to them as they are to me, and I accept that.

When I think about quitting, or giving up this motivation makes me consider how it affects everyone involved. If I decide I am not going to do something, what is the negative impact it has? I can’t be the weak link. This, forces me to dig deeper, and do things I may not want to do. I feel this way, because the people who have been around me, have been such exceptional people. They have shown compassion in times of need, or a stern hand when I was out of line. They are influential in my everyday success.

But what motivates you? When is the last time you really thought about what motivates you?


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