About Me

There is a million ways to describe me. I cant think of one solid way to signify the complexity of the person I am. I grew up in a small town in East Texas, and that planted some deep roots in the person I am. I have the most beautiful wife, and 3 of the most amazing children in the world. I kind of lucked out, and they got stuck with me.

I love to laugh. That is one of the greatest things ever. But, if there were anything I like more, I would have to say deep conversation. Something that really gets the mind working. I don’t always agree with people, but I try to understand their side.

Writing has never been something I did a lot of. And books? I cant remember the last time I actually read one. The idea of a book intrigues me, but I usually lose interest rather quickly once I start reading. My grammar and punctuation may not be the best, and I’m sure my teachers would tell me its because I was usually getting in trouble for sleeping in their class. So for that, I apologize to anyone that struggles through.

If you want to know more, just ask.